Amplify the Voices Heard in Schools

I 100% agree with the sentiments in this article.…/ The connection between schools and the real music industry is vital. And when I say REAL, instead of limiting this connection to the small handful of Industry Organisations funded by government purporting to represent the music industry, why not amplify it to include the real Read more about Amplify the Voices Heard in Schools[…]

Major Facebook Algorithm Update Will Dramatically Reduce Band Posts

As live artists, we have a variety of mediums available to us to tell our brand story while connecting with fans and potential customers. There are three best practice pathways to connect and engage with equally across LIVE, LOCAL and DIGITAL. LIVE and LOCAL – artists who are gigging on a regular basis already well Read more about Major Facebook Algorithm Update Will Dramatically Reduce Band Posts[…]

Feeding a Global Economy

If we are fit, thin, eating well, exercising, happy, productive, low blood pressure, normal blood sugar, meet all benchmarks of health, follow all guidelines for bringing up children, behavior, have balanced relationships, wide social networks, wealthy bank accounts and profitable businesses and attend a designated spiritual brand regularly and follow all rules — then how do you Read more about Feeding a Global Economy[…]