The Media have sold global fear about COVID19 since it appeared in December 2019. We in Australia, knew it was coming. All we could do was watch. And now finally it is here.

How will COVID19 The Musical impact the Music Industry in Australia?

Information about COVID-19 changes course each day. Right now, people are still going out to pubs and clubs to watch live music shows.

Scott Morrison announced Feb 28 — “You can go to the concert and you can go out for a Chinese meal,”

As the weeks go by, this directive may change.

So it is wise for artists in the Australian Live Music Scene to look at all the options moving forward and to be prepared.

First things first — look after your Immune System.

Maintain a high level Wellness program – Nutrition, Exercise, Value your Emotional and Mental Health with Self Care Rituals, Understand and Manage your Triggers and have strategies available to deal with any challenges that present themselves. (especially this one). Click here to read Pushworth’s Wellness Guide for Gigging Artists.

You are out on the front lines when you gig in a local pub. Now is the time to upgrade your Hygiene Gig Practices.

Pack a Gig Health Pack and include disposable gloves, tissues, antiseptic/disinfectant wipes, Thieves Oil (make it yourself) Glen 20 and hand sanitizer (You can still find it at Local Tradie stores). Now is the time to add a COVID19 mitigation practice to your SWMS.

  • Thoroughly clean all equipment and leads after each gig.
  • In your breaks, wear gloves when you grab a drink at the bar.
  • Stay conscious of the surfaces that you touch.
  • Dispose of the gloves at the end of each break.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Wash your head thoroughly (sing Happy Birthday twice while scrubbing) before and after your meal.
  • Maintain social distancing with the audience and your band members.
  • Don’t allow anyone to use your microphone.
  • Clean your microphone thoroughly after each show.
  • Disinfect instruments, leads, PA and lights post each show.
  • Establish a load in pack down process that minimizes exposure to touching public surfaces.
  • Post gig clean your vehicle door handles, steering wheel, handbrake, gear stick – all surfaces that you touch in your vehicle, to make sure that you catch any lingering little germ spots.
  • Disinfect your mobile phone.
  • Disinfect your keys.
  • Debug when you get home post gig – wash your hair and clothes straight away.
  • Staying connected with your local community is key to your health.
  • Stay conscious.
  • Stay alert.

With good hygiene practices, continue your standard Gig practice WHILE being smart about how you interface with the world around you while delivering your live shows. 😊

If you need to fly to a show, click here to read Smart Traveller recommendation.

Second, look at ways to keep your music business going, in the event that the Australians are asked to stay home and avoid large social gatherings.

· Be strict with your personal hygiene practices at your gig. Feature it in your shows. Make up funny songs about Social Distancing. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Being locked up at home gets old real fast. There is no reason why people cant go to a pub to see live music, have a few drinks and keep themselves safe.

· Stay connected to your OWN Local community. If we all stay home, the economy breaks. Stay connected to your local community.

· Promote each gig in your Socials to the local community — get creative with your videos. People are sick of the negative news feed. Offer an alternative to the news. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Its all about staying safe, staying local and staying connected.

· Raise public awareness about Health and Wellness. Advocate for smart show measures. Feature masks, gloves, hand sanitizer or even toilet paper 😊 in your Show Videos and live on stage. Engage your audience on your Social channels and encourage them to come along to your shows as part of their Health and Wellness practice. Being vigilant to keep each other safe — Bar Staff, Security Staff, Kitchen Staff, Musicians, Audience Members. Make it your USP.

· Create a Local Presence with each show. Involve local businesses and community groups. Connect. Encourage. Create events together. Keeping local business alive is how we all survive the impact of COVID19 together.

· As each larger event is cancelled, (Convention, Sporting Event) focus more of inviting people to your local shows. Leverage off those market sectors in your show promotion.

· Travel bans put Local Artists front and centre to replace Global Acts who cannot enter our country to headline event. This is exactly what happened with the GFC in 2008. Australian Music boomed as a result. Take advantage of every large event that is cancelled.

· Develop your own Live Stream events from home. Get creative. Be strategic. Leverage your technology to create show to build your brand while COVID19 is lurking around.

Third, tighten your belt, batten down the hatches, catch up on all the things you haven’t had time for, use your down time wisely for your music business brand. Capitalise on this experience. Diversify your income activities. Explore new possibilities. Investigate alternative avenues of performance. Discover new channels for distribution. What else could you do to earn income in the meantime? Music Lessons over Zoom?

Wherever this takes us, be prepared for change.

With change comes opportunity.

Stay vigilant in your own Self Care.

Stay vigilant with your Finances.

Refuse to take the blue pill.

You will survive this.

Copyright: Nichola Burton: Founder. Music Means Business ©

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