Music Business Marketing is like the Fifth Beatle. It’s an equal partner in importance to what happens ON STAGE. Without it, nothing you do ON STAGE matters. If you find that you struggle with producing market worthy posters, organising your digital assets, scoping a photo shoot, providing publicity photos, building Social Media and expanding market value, our In House Music Means Business coach has put together this Guide to get you started on your way.


Pubs, Hotels, Bars and Clubs provide the majority of performance opportunities for musicians. It is a tough market out there with people bombarded with a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to their “leisure” spend. Where to go, what to eat, how to get there, how safe is it, how much fun will I have, who will I hang with – these are the questions people ask themselves before choosing a place to go out. Live Music Brands are one of the ten marketing spends for a venue. The value of a Live Music Brand is in its ability to attract more people to go and see it, dance, sing, listen and while they are there – buy a meal, have a few drinks, and spend some $ in the gaming room and party in the bars with friends.

Let’s say that again.

The value of a Live Music Brand is in its ability to attract more people to the venue.


So how do you create a fan and excite them enough to come and hang with you at your gigs each weekend? Why would they want to spend a night with you? What do you offer that another cover band playing similar songs, of a similar age, look, style, format is offering? How do you grow your fan base? How do you grow your on-line value metrics? How do you bring these metrics ON STAGE? How does this impact on your gigability?

There are 7.7 billion people in the world and 5 billion of them own one little item that is our conduit to the rest of the world. 71% of our global population own a mobile phone. This is where we live, consume, purchase, make decisions, work, eat and play. If your Live Music Brand cannot be found on their phone, then you don’t exist. What is your value to a Pub, Hotel, Bar or Club if a potential audience cannot connect, engage and follow you via their phone?


If you have registered with us and sent us your EPK, then you will have an Artist Listing on our website. Go To and search for your Act. Are you happy with the photos, bio, song list and Social links? We have worked with what you sent us OR we pinched it from your Facebook.  Our job is to PITCH you to Venues and Clients so that they see the REAL value of YOUR brand. Please email us the following so we can update your page:

  1. Main Publicity Photo – High Resolution
  2. Banner Cover Photo – High Resolution
  3. Logo – High Resolution Vector Jpeg or PNG file
  4. A selection of live and publicity shots high resolution
  5. Current Bio
  6. Song List in Word listed by Artist Name
  7. Facebook Link
  8. Twitter Link
  9. Soundcloud Link
  10. Website Link
  11. You Tube Channel Link
  12. You Tube Video Links to feature on your page

Make sure you update your photos and bio and song lists every six months to ensure we have the latest info on your act.


When setting up your Social Media accounts, one very important consideration is to claim your own PERSONAL name and your Brand Name. It is impossible for fans to find you or wedding clients to want to book you or Venue Social Media Managers to tag you if your brand names are NOT all linked:

Make sure these are all the same:

  • Domain Name
  • Gmail Address

An important rule of thumb is to use the same Gmail address for each brand. Eg

Brand: Party Band



Facebook Page:



You Tube Channel:


Ensure your ONE Tag name is the same across all platforms. @partyband

Otherwise you will miss out on value added cross tags. And that will cost you in gigs!


Once you have set up all your Social Media accounts, now what? It can be a real pain to post to all the different platforms and quite frankly it can take too much time. We recommend that you link as many accounts as you can.

Facebook Page – Set up a Page that is NOT your personal profile so that the page for you as an Artist can be tagged.

Instagram – Link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page so that everything you post on Instagram posts automatically to your Facebook Page

Twitter – Link your Facebook Page to your Twitter account so that everything that is posted on your Facebook Page by Instagram posts automatically to your Twitter account

You Tube – this is where you connect to your Twitter account. As You Tube is part of the Google suite, you can also easily publish to your Google Plus account from the Upload window

You may wish to pay for a Social Media Dashboard to be able to AUTO post to Instagram as well as other platforms.

We use Sprout Social. Make sure all your posts are produced in the Instagram format.


You need to be posting at least once a day

  • In every post, tag Pushworth @thepushworthgroup – then it comes up on our feed to give you access to OUR network. We will then share to all our networks and pages.
  • Hashtag #pushworth – to access our networks across all platforms. We track and filter via #pushworth so make sure you include this hashtag as well.
  • Tag the Venue – so they can share your post in THEIR Networks
  • Create your own unique hashtags #somethingjustaboutyou
  • Post using your High Resolution Poster


Instagram is the Social Media platform that is getting the best results. We use Sprout Social. From one post, it automatically posts to 10 platforms including Instagram – which is our most important platform now.

What this means for you. When doing your posters, please use the Instagram Template instead of just the poster template. When you do, we can include YOUR posters in all our platforms. Otherwise it cannot be posted to Instagram. Free Sites for you to use: Fotor Canva Poster My Wall

There is also a free platform available for you to post your Instagram posts directly from your PC – GRAMTO.

How do you connect your Instagram to your Facebook Page? Click here


  • Set up your Central Tour Source on Google Drive or Dropbox for:
    • The person submitting the Registration must hold copyright for the images (i.e. the images must be your own, or you must have approval for them to be published)
    • Your new Tour High Res Images – Album/Single Cover Photo Size 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel
    • High Res Tour Photo – Need both Horizontal + Vertical Options Size 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel
    • Make sure the High Res Colour Photo is suitable for Magazine Cover 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel
    • Bio in Word
    • Tour Release in Word
    • Wave File for the Single
    • MP3 is for the Single
    • All Social Media Links
    • High Res Logos 3000x 3000 pixel – Vector/.png files
    • Style Guide noting Logo Font and Colour Code
  • Set up your Marketing Plan:
    • Who is responsible for Social Media?
    • Who is responsible for communication with Publicist?
    • Who is responsible for Press Interviews?
    • Who is responsible to maintain the Central Tour Source on line?
    • Who is responsible for digital advertising – Facebook or Insta ads?
  • Make sure your Publicist and Agent have access to this Central Tour Source
  • Set up your Marketing Timeline to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines
  • Provide the tour hashtags to Pushworth to share on all tour social media
  • Create the Digital Tour Poster – one tour and one for each tour date
  • Share the Digital Tour Posters with on
  • Look at a Social Media Dashboard like Sprout Social to connect your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +.
  • Share on all your Social Media Platforms and tag the Venue and Pushworth @thepushworthgroup @pushworth
  • Add poster and Tour Listings to your website
  • Shoot a 60 second Vox Pop to promote each Show – upload to your You Tube Channel and share link to Video via You Tube URL on all Social Media Platforms
  • Set up your Facebook Event
  • List your Show on free digital sites like:
  • Track your Tour Marketing activity in house daily to ensure you maintain your Plan and can adjust and change if you need to focus more on one area in light of ticket sales etc
  • Stay connected to your team:
    • Agent
    • Publicist
    • Band Members
    • Web Master
    • Social Media Team


Show Digital Asset Package

  • High Res Publicity Photo  (2 x Portrait 1 x Landscape) for your tribute show – different to a standard cover show
  • Link to Show Specific Social Pages  (Not your personal or cover band)
  • Show Set List – which must be at least 20 unique songs for that tribute show – in word
  • Show Presser
  • Show Video – link to You Tube

Show Marketing Campaign Starter Pack:

  • Facebook Event
  • Facebook Targeted Boost Posts over 6 weeks prior to Show
  • Professional High Res Digital Posters for a range of Advertising in range of formats
  • Digital Event Listings
  • Competition for Ticket Giveaways – arrange with your Agent to obtain tickets from the venue to giveaway for ticketed shows
  • Local Radio/Print/Social Interviews to target Local Catchment of Show Location
  • 6 Weeks Lead In Bi weekly Digital Poster Post on all Socials tagging Venue and Pushworth

Live Show Delivery:

  • High Standard of Professional Show Production
  • Work with a Production Technician so you can focus on performance
  • Stage Backdrop
  • Lighting – no less than 16 cans and spots.
  • Costume Changes
  • Show Name on Drums
  • Branded Colours
  • Artists to be in character when speaking and performing
  • Full Show Professional Production and Lighting

Please provide a full Show Marketing Campaign Plan and Production Plan to Pushworth upon Show Offer.


What are you worth as a live music product? For a venue to substantiate spending $$$ on your act playing in their bar, they need BUMS ON SEATS to cover costs. Their focus is on marketing.

Ever seen how a cropped old low-res photo looks on a big Night Life Screen? Or in a full gloss colour booklet, large full colour A1 posters, or in a A2 monthly What’s On calendar in the bottle shop or venue foyer? It looks terrible and certainly not the value of what the venue is paying you to perform.

Ever tried to interest a bride in booking your act for her dream wedding with an old low res photo of your act?

It’s not pretty in every way.

Every act MUST take new Publicity Photographs every six months and provide no less than three options to us at high resolution with NO text on them. Just pure publicity photographs.


A common practice for Artists is to crop and photoshop a few different photos together when they cannot get the band together.

We cannot use those photos.


When a photo is being used for a full colour print or publication purpose, any photo that has been edited is diminished in quality and cannot be used.

If you expect to market your band for paying gigs then getting the band together for a photo shoot is paramount.

Another common practice is for Artists to add the name of their act in text on the publicity photo.

We cannot use those photos.


When a photo is being used for a full colour print or publication purpose, any photo that has been edited is diminished in quality and cannot be used. Imagine hundreds of bands, all using different fonts and styles and sizes and colours. If a venue wants to advertise bands on a website or in a magazine, it cannot produce a clean professional look when the photos are all different.

If you expect to market your act for paying gigs, provide professional publicity photos that are ready for publication – no text, not edited, not cropped and not photoshopped. We need the original photo file to be able to get the best photo possible to advertise your band.


Make a Plan. Start with what your BRANDand TARGET MARKET is. What are these photos for? Aim to use the shoot for a particular purpose and get it right. Tour Shot? General Publicity Shot for this quarter? Release campaign? Sponsorship Proposal? Charity Gig Shot? Make a plan together as a band, write it down and make each other and your photographer accountable to get the end result that you are looking for.

Location Location Location. What are you trying to say with these photos? Use the background location to help you say that. Look at the colours of your brand, the mood, the vibe, the energy, the story that you are portraying. Find a location that fits that.

Practice Shots. When you choose the location, go there at the same time of day that you plan to shoot and take some practice shots. Become familiar with the location and find as many angles as you can. Check out the lighting. Know the location and the light well in advance.

What are you wearing. Match the time of day, the location, the story, the reason for the shot and your target market to what you each will be wearing. Bring some options. Work in together. Make sure that the colours and styles and textures work together. Contrast as well as match. Try as many options as you can PRIOR to the shoot.


Allow the Moments to Unfold. A good photographer will always be on the lookout for casual authentic shots where the band is super relaxed and enjoying themselves. Allow those moments to unfold naturally.

Put Together a Shoot Team. Organize a couple of helpers for makeup touch ups, clothing adjustments, lighting checks and general assistance to keep the shoot on track.

To Photoshop Or Not? From the perspective of publishing, it is a never ending nightmare for us to provide unphotoshopped images to be promoted. We recommend that photoshop is kept to a very bare minimum to preserve the quality of the image as much as possible.

The Selection Process. Set aside a few hours together as a band to select no less than ten images that best illustrate your story. Make sure you store the images in a safe place on your PC as well as in your files to ensure that you can access them again at a later date. So many bands only have the edited photoshopped version 15 of the image. So save your unedited images securely on your Google Drive as well as a Physical Back Up.


This Process Never Ends as long as you run a Music Business.

Rinse and Repeat. Every Six Months. Every New Release. Every New Tour. You brush your teeth a few times a day no matter what. Maintaining current professional publicity photos of your act is just as important for your music business. The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the better the end result for your music business.


Some Feature Shows need a Digital Poster to help the Promoter to market the show. Build your poster around your photo. Start with the high resolution photo. Use the Show Poster as a template for your Facebook Event.

  • Use Canva  OR Poster My Wall  and create your posters for each gig.
  • Set the format to INSTAGRAM POST
  • Include these items on each poster:
  • Your Photo – one high res photo – not 5 separate photos – ONE
  • Act Name
  • Performance Date
  • Performance Times
  • Pushworth Logo
  • Venue Logo
  • Your Social Tag @actname
  • Venue Social Tag @venuename
  • Post the Poster on your Facebook Page
  • Like the Venue Facebook Page
  • Like the Pushworth Facebook Page.
  • Tag the Venue + Pushworth Pages

Email the poster to your booker 2 months before the gig to allow the Venue to advance your show.


One of the hardest things to do is to write about your act  – something that attracts potential Gig Promoters or Fans to want to know more about you. And many of our artists are struggling with providing this for us and have asked for a little help. We recommend that you produce the following:

  • Short Web Description (30 Words or Less)
  • Full Biography – 3 paragraphs long.

As part of your ongoing relentless marketing strategy, you will be listing your act with a number of on line directories so having that Short Web Description down pat is a must.


The full biography is possibly a little more challenging but is vitally important as this will form the foundation for a press release to use at a later date.

First paragraph is to describe the band: Genre + Format + Style + Repertoire Examples. What is your Unique Selling Proposition and Point Of Difference? What makes you different to every other band out there who is playing cover songs in the same genre, format and style?

Second Paragraph is about your accolades so far. Who you have supported? Chart Stats? Who you have toured with? What festivals you have performed at? Highest bar take at a high-profile bar? And if there is nothing special about your gigs so far, come up with something creative? Great number of fan selfies on our Facebook Page on a Friday night in June? Create your own accolade that is relevant, cheeky and shows that you care about creating a great night out for the audience wherever the bar is.

Final Paragraph is about what is coming up for you. Recording an EP. Filming a Short Doco. Setting up your own 50 Gigs in 50 Days in Towns that start with J tour. Once again, be real but get creative. Your value is in your ability to create a vibe, create a party, create something out of nothing with your audience with your music and your energy. So use that super power for your marketing material as well.


When you arrive at your gig, before you set up, don’t forget to have a chat to the Duty Manager. Spruiking to promote what is happening at the venue is one of the most important aspects of your service. So make sure you ask for information like:

  1. Drink Specials
  2. New Alcohol Product Promotions
  3. Restaurant Promotions
  4. Drive Through Specials
  5. Bottle Shop Specials
  6. Gaming Lounge Promotions
  7. Local Community Events
  8. Local Business Features

Then look at what events and concerts are coming up in the venue and announce the date, the artist, where to buy tickets and perhaps have a competition to give away a couple of tickets (as approved by the venue of course) by getting punters up to sing a couple of their songs. Get creative!

Venues are starting to ask that all Artists spruik in their venues at every gig so your booker may email you a list of promotions each week for you to Spruik.

Everyone in this equation has the same end game – bums on seats to keep venues open and keep you gigging. If we all work together to build business, we create a win win situation!


Are you ready to cut the crap and get to the cold hard truth?

  • How many people come to your gig each week just to see you?
  • What is the capacity of the average gig that you do each week?
  • How many people are you friends with on your Socials?
  • How many people like or follow or comment on your Socials activity each week?
  • How many people are on your email database?
  • How many people on this email database download and buy your CDs and DVDs and Merch?
  • How many people are you REACHING every week via your Socials PLUS at your Gigs?

Are your current metrics enough to sustain your Music Business? If you don’t know what your numbers are, then start collecting your Metrics. It may shock you to know that when we propose your act to a Venue, Promoter, Corporate Client or Event/Wedding Planner, they ask for your On Line Metrics first up. Then they google you. If your answer is that you are being booked into the wrong gigs or it is the Venue’s responsibility or it is the Agent’s responsibility then you are on the fast track to becoming a Music Business Dinosaur. And if you are ok with that, then click off now and don’t read any more.

However if you are not satisfied with the gigs that you are being offered and you want to KEEP gigging and earning performance income while selling your CDs, DVDs and Merch to fans – reach potential students, customers wanting you to produce their music, potential network partners wanting to offer you soundtrack gigs or write and record a project together, you would love to be offered some higher paying corporate gigs or you just want to rock out each week performing local cover gigs across Queensland and Northern NSW, then contact us for information about our free Pushworth Artist Only Master Brand and Marketing Classes. It has never been easier to build a brand and band value in a market


The Music Business exists on stage, backstage, front of house, on the road, in the studio and on line. One key strategy for your music business plan is centred around your on line activity. So make sure you have a Digital Strategy ready to help you to deal with the inevitable on line trolls.

The internet gives people a voice and in many cases, gives people who would otherwise be voiceless, a voice. Bored, feeling worthless and powerless, needing attention, looking for a fix of chaos, feeling inadequate and jealous, living in a fog of despair – any of these will drive an on line troll.

And if your business lives on line, you WILL be a target.

In a world where on line bullying has potential devastating effects, it is wise to craft your official Music Business On Line Troll Strategy. So here are a few tips to help get you started:


Don’t respond. Don’t engage. Ignore them. Stay silent. If you don’t give them oxygen, they got nothing.


Remember that trolls have a very sad life. They get their energy from trolling. And sometimes this can get in and hurt your feelings because trolls are masters at that. So go get support. Talk to someone in person. Get it all out of your system. Don’t take it on board. Release it back to the wild.


Establish your own rules of On Line Engagement on every Social platform. Delete the comments immediately. Block and Report. Take away the oxygen from the sad little suckers.


In life and on line, there will always be 33.33% of people who love what you do and 33.33% of people who hate what you do and 33.33% of people who just don’t care. The remaining .01% are too busy having fun to notice.

The more fans you attract, the more haters you will attract. It’s pure mathematics. It’s life. Have your strategy ready and stay focused on your end goals. You have the power to focus on what you choose to focus on.

So keep yourself in the light!

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