There is the story of Robert DeNiro giving advice to a wannabe young actor.
DeNiro said, “You’ve got to practice. When I play the part of, say, a cop,
I practice being that cop from the time I get up in the morning to when I go to bed at night.”
At any gig, it doesnt matter where you are covering another Artist or
you are sharing your own songs, never forget that the audience are there for reasons of their own.
It’s not about you personally. It is about the character that you are selling as part of your Music Brand.
Create a few. Keep them in your tool box. Use them in situations
where the REAL you just bloody doesnt want to be there. Let the Character do the gig.

A very wise man once said “Never forget that this is reality for some of these people in the audience.
For you, its your job. You get to go home and live your own reality far away from here. ”

Playing a Character at a gig is all part of your creative process.

Create the perfect Character to negotiate with the Duty Manager when a Sporting Event is on
and they want you to play to the side of the Big Screen in the bar.

Create the perfect Character when a punter vomits on your shoe while you are performing on stage
and you need to ask a Security Guard for assistance.

Create the perfect Character when you get hit on by a Venue Manager at the end of the night
when you have a huge calendar of future gigs there and all you want to do is go home to your girlfriend.

Get the Picture? Starting creating your Show Characters!

Start creating those Characters for all the gig moments that you KNOW are coming your way.

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