The Course Objectives

The objective is for the Music Business to be developed and skilled to respond and adapt to changes in the economic, commercial and technological environment they find themselves in.

When we commence working with Artists, we start with where they are NOW and the VISION that they have for their career. Next, we conduct a SWOT analysis of their entire Music Business identifying the value in each section – Story, History, Resource, Material, Product, Brand, Network, Connections and Business and Financial Structure. We look at what is working and what is not and listen to their story, their dreams and their plans. We then use the data we have gleaned from our initial assessment to set up systems and strategies that work with their unique vision to ensure that all income opportunities are maximized and all costs (time, resource, energy and finances) are minimized.

We are raising the standard of their Music Business to incorporate a Best Practice designed to work specifically with their individual needs, challenges and culture. Sustainability in the Live Music industry is a priority in the development of business acumen, creative initiatives, projects and ideas will be nurtured, explored and implemented. As such we will be building a Music Business House for each Artist.

The Course Goals

  • Establish a Real-Time Picture of the present Music Business
  • Determine the Artist Vision
  • Reveal the Artist Story
  • Inventory the Artist Resources (Internal and External)
  • Facilitate them to craft their Brand
  • Facilitate them to identify their Target Market and Micro Niche
  • Evaluate the Songs, Music Production and Live Performance value for each Artist with their chosen material in terms of Air Play or Audience Appeal in their Target Market and Micro Niche
  • Work with each Artist to discover their unique Sound and Stage Craft to leverage
  • Improve Skills to Write Songs and Produce Music that satisfies their reason for being an Artist.
  • Improve Skills to Perform in Public in a way that connects their Music Product to the Target Market.
  • Guide each Artist to Brand Congruency
  • Produce a professional Pitch including EPK, Press Release and Biography
  • Set up all On Line Brand Profiles
  • Build the Music Business Team
  • Produce a Strategic Plan
  • Produce an Operational Plan
  • Network each Artist to Key Industry Tastemakers with Market Ready Product
  • Set up Business Management Systems to support their Music Business

The Course Modules

  1. Brand
  2. Resource
  3. Creation
  4. Connection
  5. Influence
  6. Currency
  7. Offer

The Course Deliverables

Depending on your Vision, Product, Target Market and Resources to Leverage, deliverable options are:

  • Strategic and Operation Plans for Artist Music Business
  • Artist Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance Plan
  • Brand Plan
  • Independent Release Plan + Project Management (Pre + Post)
  • Release Publicity Campaign (Advertising, Media, Air Play, Social Media, Metrics)
  • Event Management (Launch, Listening Party, Community Connect, Music Festival)
  • Tour Business Plan
  • Tour Booking
  • Tour Management – Logistics, Supports, Worksheets, Productions
  • Tour Administration
  • Merchandising Project Management